GO GO GOALS! One on One Virtual Coaching

New One on One Coaching!

Can I talk to you over here for a second?  I’ll just be a minute. 
       Did you know that it took me a year to run my first 5k? And I started this whole wonderful business as a way to teach people to run, that it doesn’t have to take a whole year? 

Big Secret (no really) I needed a whole lotta help getting my own workouts in. I needed accountability, I needed support, I needed an ass-kicker. So, I am always so impressed when people show up to run, rain or shine, and kick ass on their own accord. But I have a sneaking suspicion that there are other people like me.

Maybe you?

Do you need a little hand holding? Ass-kicking? And buckets cheering?

You want to feel: 

  • Supported, like the best sports bra eva!
  • Like you can crush that big goal or just need help to get out there.
  • Great when they can celebrate your wins! Like jump up and down and with party poppers!
  • Get strong and get in the habit of putting yourself first.

With help, you can do anything. I am a huge believer in this power.

If this is you, WELCOME!

HI!! *waving my hand* and I have something for you.

Your Very Own Coach! It’s some butt kicking, a little hand holding, a whole lot of cheerleading!!

Cause it is so hard to do it solo. To convince your now self that your future self is going to be so happy that you got out there.

What is it? 

  • Weekly accountability intentions
  • Schedules
  • Monthly one on one 45 min goal setting call
  • E-mail access to me – your pocket coach – the one waving at YOU
  • Price $165/month (3 month minimum)

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